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The Millers Pools has 5 years+ of building great in-ground pools and taking care of the maintenance of your pool and making sure the clean and crystal water for your enjoyment and that of your whole family. 



The founders of Millers Pools, Chris and Lauriete Miller, understood that the island of Martha's Vineyard is a unique place, one that has brought great and lasting memories to generations of Americans. The Vineyard continues providing the perfect setting to bring families together and create new happy memories. Chris and Lauriete realized there is perhaps no better way to enjoy the joys of summer than a pool. They started Miller's Pools to provide Vineyarders with high-end pools, and today Miller's Pools is the best and largest pool construction and maintenance company in the area.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has over 20 years of experience in the construction and landscaping of private and public projects, working in both corporate and residential markets.

Lauriete Miller

Lauriete Miller

CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) has been at the forefront of the management of all companies in the Miller's Group for over 8 years, responsible for the companies' offices and technology areas.

Our Story

Millers Pools was born on the island of Martha's Vineyard to provide the highest quality service in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining in-ground pools. Already involved in construction and landscaping, The founders of Millers Pools discovered that many of their customers were requesting pools, looking to add value to their homes and to experience the many benefits of a pool. The Millers expanded their services to meet this need, carefully building a team of professionals in all pool design, installation, and maintenance aspects.

fiberglass pool installed
fiberglass pool installation
in-ground pools

In-Ground Pools

  • Gunite Pool

  • Fiberglass Pool

  • Vynil Lyner

repair pool

Repair Pools

  • Equipments (Pump, Lights, Filters)

  • Damaged pool tiles and patios

  • Structural repairs

maintenance pool

Maintenance Pools

  • Pool cleaning

  • Pump and water treatment maintenance

  • Pool sweeping and cleaning

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